Commentary on Galatians

Commentary on Galatians
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When the Messiah walked this earth, He was a part of Judaism, a religious group which corporately worshiped in the Temple at Jerusalem. That worship was the linear succession of the True Worship of Israel as it had been revived under Moses, who led the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage. Under his leadership, the Tabernacle had been constructed and ceremonial worship begun, which passed through the era of Solomon's construction of the Temple and its reconstruction by Zerubbabel and Herod.

About the Messiah's time, this True Worship had become corrupted. Yahshua came to restore the True Worship of Yahweh. Why is it, then, that modern Chr-stianity differs so noticeably from the way Yahshua worshiped? The four evangels make plain that the Messiah observed the Law of Yahweh. Did a change occur during the ministry of Paul? Or have Paul's writings been terribly misunderstood and twisted?

This book details the correct understanding and application of the book of Galatians. Its comprehensive, far-reaching research aids the Truthseeker to place the books of Paul's authorship in their proper perspective within the biblical canon.

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