Commentary on Revelation (Vol. 2—The Mark of the Beast)

Commentary on Revelation (Vol. 2—The Mark of the Beast)
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The mark of the Beast—a disobedience to the Laws of Almighty Yahweh— is one of the aspects of Bible prophecy which has a very ominous ring. As a matter of fact, some of the readers of this book may feel just a little uneasy when the book of Revelation is mentioned. The mention of mysterious beasts, marks, trumpets, plagues, dire predictions of the future, and the wrath of Yahweh's judgment upon sinners can be very perplexing.

In the Commentary on the Book of Revelation (Vol. 2—The Mark of the Beast), the author addressed the beast and his characteristics and shed light on the Mark of Yahweh, which promises eternal salvation to one who is obedient to Yahweh and accepts the selfless sacrifice of His Son, Yahshua the Messiah. The book referenced passages from both the Old and New Testament to ensure complete harmonization.

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